benefits of individual therapy

3 Benefits of Individual Therapy

Whether the substance abuse problem affects you or your loved one, psychotherapy will help you recover. Often, that therapy takes place with other people in group treatment sessions. But it can also take place on a one-on-one basis. Group therapy and individual therapy each come with their particular advantages. Knowledge of these advantages can help you better understand how the recovery process works. The unique benefits of individual therapy may prove crucial to that process. Learn more about the benefits of individual addiction therapy and how individual therapy can help you or your loved one by contacting Northpoint Recovery in Idaho today.

What to Expect from Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy is not the name of a specific school of psychotherapy. Instead, it’s a format therapists can use to support your recovery. The most distinctive feature of this format is the number of participants involved. In all circumstances, those participants include only you and the counselor or therapist helping you.

A course of individual therapy begins with a get-to-know-you session. During this session, your therapist:

  • Learns relevant details of your background
  • Asks you questions about yourself
  • Gathers information on the problems currently affecting you

In turn, you talk to your therapist about any questions. You also get a chance to familiarize yourself with them. This back-and-forth helps you create the beginnings of a good working relationship with your therapist.

In later sessions, you work through the steps of the specific form of therapy in use. Each therapy has its particular features and functions in its own way. Some therapies require more sessions to complete than others. However, in most cases, each session lasts roughly 45 minutes to an hour. The information you share with your therapist is confidential.

3 Benefits of Individual Addiction Therapy

You may need individual psychotherapy even if your rehab plan includes group therapy. Why? Individual therapy benefits you in ways that group sessions are not equipped to do. Some of the most essential benefits of individual addiction therapy include:

  • Developing the strongest possible healthy bond with your therapist – You and your therapist work together as a team. In turn, teamwork can help you create the relationship skills needed to maintain a lasting recovery.
  • Focusing on issues specific to your history and personal circumstances – Individual therapy is an opportunity for a tailored approach to treatment. As such, it considers your unique experiences and challenges in coping with addiction. This approach can help you address underlying issues contributing to drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Receiving personalized attention and support – You have the therapist’s full attention in individual therapy sessions. They can focus on your specific needs, progress, and challenges in recovery. This level of personalization is impossible to achieve in group therapy.

The healthy bond between you and your therapist is called a therapeutic alliance. Research shows that a strong alliance helps further the goals of effective treatment. When you have your therapist’s full attention, you may find it easier to work through complex problems. Crucially, you can work through them at your own pace instead of keeping pace with others in a group session.

Reach Out to Northpoint Recovery Today to Experience the Benefits of Individual Therapy for Addiction

Individual therapy is one of the two available psychotherapy formats. You may participate in it less often than in group therapy. Nevertheless, it provides recovery advantages you won’t find in group sessions. For some, the benefits of individual therapy are vital.

Want to learn more about how individual therapy can help? Call Northpoint Recovery today by contacting us online. We not only understand the many benefits of individual therapy. We know how to use those benefits to your advantage in customized rehab programs. Our goal is to support your recovery in every way possible.