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Our Story

Northpoint was founded by a small group of recovering addicts whose lives were once spiraling downwards as they battled substance addiction. At some point, they all either felt ashamed, isolated, or hopeless - Like they had hit rock bottom.

Similar to many others, they were made to feel that their addiction was due to a lack of willpower or self-control. Fortunately, they were put in contact with specialists and support groups that helped to change their perspectives.

They were challenged to go beyond their physical dependence on drugs and alcohol to address what was causing their addictions - the psychological factors. This is what really set them on their road to recovery and became the foundation of Northpoint’s treatment philosophy.

Today, they are a testimony to the fact that living sober, healthy, and happy lives is completely attainable. They appreciate just how fortunate they are to have beaten their addictions and strive to give help and hope to anyone fighting their own.

Since first opening its doors in Boise Idaho in 2009, Northpoint has opened 8 other locations in the Western US.

Northpoint Mission

Saving Lives. Restoring Relationships.

Northpoint Core Values

Our core values give us a guiding compass in our leadership decision making, quality of care, and work environment.

We are Humble

We carry ourselves with quiet confidence

We are strong enough to seek support

Our character defines our legacy

No brilliant jerks

We are Inspired

We have a firm belief in human potential

Hope - difficult roads lead to amazing destinations

We have Heart

Committed to the whole, even when it’s challenging

Hardworking, genuine, passionate and fun

Internal drive to go the extra mile

We have Conviction

Unshakeable belief in our treatment philosophy